Thursday, July 23, 2009

With his feet firmly planted...

Jackson starts Kindergarten two weeks from tomorrow. I'm in disbelief and denial, to say the least. I'm not ready to send my baby off for a full day of education! I'm not ready to be without him all day long (an hour or two I could stand!)! We had a choice in which school to send him to, and after much discussion, we signed him up for a lottery for a nearby Magnet school. We love this school, and were ecstatic when he got in. But it is mandatory full day Kindergarten. And while I think it is going to be so good for my little curious learner, it is going to be a big transition for all of us.

In anticipation of the big day, we went out today for a little school shopping. I have such vivid memories of my mom taking us school shopping. Each of us three girls got our very own "shopping day" where we would go solo with mom to the South Plains Mall for shopping and lunch. I remember it vividly, and I loved that I got some time with my mom all by myself. And I felt like such a grown up getting to pick where we had lunch, and ordering for myself (and not having to share anything on my plate with either of my sisters!). I initially thought with two boys that back to school shopping would likely be very different than shopping for 3 little girls. I *thought* they would be less concerned with styles and fashion and labels. But as I discovered today, I may be in for a shock.

Upon arrival at one of my favorite shopping locals - Kohl's - I discovered my son definitely had a very specific shoe in mind. He wanted lights. Flashing lights. And though he is 5, he has well outgrown the baby shoes we used to buy him that would have a light up cartoon ambulance or police car. At the age of 5 he is a size 1 boys shoe - no more "baby" sizes for him. I discovered, too, that boys' shoes in boys' sizes don't offer a lot by way of light up shoes, but they do offer a higher price tag. One pair of light up shoes were available, in fact. And what a pair of shoes they were (are... you know where this is going). The shoes were (are) covered with "emergency" vehicles and light up just like a police cruiser in flashes of red, white and blue. They were (are) from Skecher's and they had a price tag to match. I was in sticker shock, to say the least. $49 for a pair of boys sneakers??? And not on sale. Not on sale? At Kohl's??? They are the sale mecca!! I hemmed and hawed. I even called Shawn and left a voicemail for him to call me back. I could NOT see paying that kind of money for a pair of sneakers for my 5 year old son. But his face was filled with excitement. He was beaming. His eyes were pleading. I'd never seen him want anything so badly in his brief little life. So of course, I acquiesced. How could I not? He wanted them so badly. And his closet is filled with clothing thanks to his Grammy's skillful end of season sale shopping, so I don't have to buy him any clothes. And he has Crocs that fit, so he won't need another pair of shoes right away. And in the end, I wanted him to have them. They ARE cool. They do make him happy.

So I indulged. Call me crazy (I know my sister is in complete disbelief right now...but remember, I won't have to buy prom dresses or wedding dresses for my boys!!). I just did it. And I kept my receipt, so if (when!) they go on sale in the next two weeks I can get the sale price. Win-win for everyone. And also, if I may add, Jackson beamed up at me as we went to pay for the shoes and backpack (Transformers, 50% off - bargain!). He and I both stopped in the middle of the aisle, holding each other's gaze and smile. He then lunged into me with the biggest smile and warmest hug I've ever had. Happy tears, for both of us - I'm not kidding. This was more than just a pair of shoes. It was my way of sending him off into the big world with his feet firmly planted on the ground (and lighting up when he walks).

The shoes

The backpack...Kindergarten here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

I have to say, yes, $49.00 for a pair of shoes for a 5 year old, are you kidding??? Just kidding. I would have done it too but I wouldn't have called, I would have asked for forgiveness later. Those shoes are just too cool and you are right, I'm the one who will be buying prom dresses and weddind dresses and who knows what else along the way. Can't wait to hear about that first day. We are still over 2 weeks away for the kids anyway, I have been working non-stop for about 3 weeks now but will officially be on duty on Wednesday, oh my, where did the summer go????
Love ya'll!

Tales from the Crib said...

my post script should be that I was diligent about checking back for a lower price and was rewarded when they went on sale within 10 days and I got enough $$ back to buy myself a new summery dress for our housewarming party! :-)