Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crummy with a Capital C

Lest you think it is all joy and fun in our household, today was a crummy day. Capital C. The boys were both on some kind of terror-train that they refused to de-board. We even canceled a small dinner gathering at our house for this evening because it wasn't worth watching them deteriorate even further in front of company. As it goes, some days are just like that. The day started with good intentions - plans to take the boys to a classic car show. It seemed the ideal thing for our two car-crazy kids. But it wasn't a good sleep-night last night, and both were grouchy before we even left. Add to that mid-morning heat and we had serious over-drive on our hands. The day deteriorated from there. Forced naps did not come to fruition. Shawn and I just dug in our heals and waited out the rest of the day. By 6:30 we were starting bed time routine, and lights were out by 7PM.

Because it is not always easy being a parent. They try and tell you that when you are cute and round and 28 weeks pregnant and enjoying the soft flutter kicks of your soon to be bundle of joy. But it doesn't hit home, really, until you have two kids crying and whining in the middle of the classic cart show at 10:35 in the morning and you have at least 8 more hours in the day before quiet will again enter your abode.


ECHeasley said...

must be in the air. We had to drag Leah out of the welcome mass this evening. I finally had enough of her making a sceen at the back of the church I dragged her kicking and screaming to the van, closed the door and stood outstand while listening to the muted screams. Good for you canceling the dinner...something I always wish I would do but never do.

Kay (carsonsmommy) said...

Oh yeah, we've had those days. I thought having one crabby kid was a nightmare; sometimes now the meltdowns are times two! They just feed off each other.

Well, there's always tomorrow, right?

Tales from the Crib said...

You both make me feel so much better - -sometimes Shawn and I say "are we the only parents who feel this way??" It is nice to know we aren't alone, you know? Here's to better days ahead! xo, woword