Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A date with Holden

Since big brother is now in school full day every day (except 1/2 day Wednesdays), it's just me and the littlest guy on our own. He's lonely as heck for his big brother, and has cried the last two days at drop off time. It breaks my heart. So I've been trying to fill the mornings with some fun activities to keep him occupied. Our rather dull trip to the DMV to renew my tags turned into a totally fun date-morning, exploring our quaint little downtown area. Castle Rock is, by golly, the cutest darn small town ever. I love its mix of heritage and modernization. It is the ideal spot to raise a family. And seeing it at the pace of a two-almost-three-year-old gave me a new appreciation for our quaint little town. We visited boutiques and shops that I rarely (or never!) go into simply because it would be too much for me to stress over with two. And honestly this is the kind of thing Jackson and I used to do all the time before baby-brother came along. Now I suppose it is Holden's turn for some exploration and Mommy-time. Love this boy. To pieces.

Full of life
A bee and a flower we met along the way
Adorable mailbox at The Barn
A peek into the Firestation
Exploring the flowers
Hello Mr. Grasshopoper!

Me and my little guy. I had to try to salvage this shot - it was blurry, taken by a very sweet man at the Crowfoot shop
Chocolate Milk
Fountain in the square
Checking it out, up close
"Mind Garden" - such an awesome toy store that has been here for 2 years and I've never been in. It is incredible! I'll never shop at Toys R Us again!
Such a fun morning!

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