Friday, August 07, 2009

First day of Kindergarten

Well as you can see today was Jackson's official first day of "real" school. No more 2-3 days a week, couple of hour, preschool type days for him. He's full day Kindergarten, 8:40-4PM. Seriously, a full day. And from the minute he woke up this morning this kid was flying high, so excited for all that was to come. Though, we got a little side tracked when he went to get dressed. I had (lovingly of course) laid out what I wanted him to wear today. Red plaid cotton shirt, navy shorts to match. He came out with khaki shorts with a blue stripe down the side, a size too small, and an old yellow and brown t-shirt. Not what I had pictured (or laid out). But not wanting to start a tantrum, we compromised. I allowed the slightly-too-short-shorts, and he switched to the red, plaid shirt. All order resolved.

The minute we arrived at school he was raring to go. He practically pushed us out the door of his classroom, barely giving us a sideways kiss good bye. No tears. Which is best, I suppose. And honestly, Shawn and I didn't shed a tear either. I thought we would. But alas, he was so excited, there was no need for tears. Except from Holden, who was pretty much beside himself with confusion and grief. But amends were made - we took Holden for chocolate milk and scones as soon as we left the school grounds.

I'm beyond excited and anxious to hear from Jackson about his first day. How snacks and lunch went. What his new friends are like. What his favorite thing to do at school is. If he found the potty OK. Etc, etc. My little man is pretty darned independent now. 7+ hours a day completely without my supervision or guidance. Wow. I think now the tears might fall.

breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Raisin Bran with his cool truck spoon.
Soooo excited.
New lunchbox
milk on his mug
I'm here!
Daddy's boy
Me and my guys
Oh yeah, these boys are lov'n their daddy
In line with his class
Check ya later mom and pops, I'm outta here!
scones with the little man

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