Monday, August 31, 2009


We have the good fortune of having an awesome playroom in our new house. In fact, the location of this room was one of the key reasons we bought this house over another one we looked at. The playroom is upstairs, a sort of loft-like room that is open to the family room and kitchen below. It is down the hall from all of our bedrooms, right next to the boys' bathroom and across from a large closet which stores all the boys' toys. We can see this room from most angles of the house, making it a perfect place for the boys to hang out and, well, play. In my head we will eventually turn it into a sort of homework / computer room when the boys are older and have no need for a play room. Like I said, this house is for the long run. But I love this room's location, and love that no matter what I might be doing - cooking dinner, folding clothes, working in the office, etc. - I can either see and/or hear them in this open room. I'm telling you, this house has an awesome layout (it is how we looked past 8 years of heavily built up dirt and grime, seriously).

So anyway, I got it in my head that I was going to tackle this room with a design update as soon as Jackson was in Kindergarten. I assumed Holden would be napping so I would have time to work on the room. That has proven to be incorrect as Holden refuses to nap 85% of the time. Nonetheless, he's crazy-easy-going, so I have been able to paint and sew and wield a glue gun to get this room done, all while he plays nearby. I also did it on the cheap-o. Majorly. And I honestly love, love, love how it turned out. And more importantly, so do the boys!

First and foremost I wanted a chalkboard wall. The paint for this was $12 and I still have half a can left for future projects. This is 2 coats. The "chair rail" is actually metal stripping you would use to separate tile and carpet. I thought since it was metal it would be magnetized and I could hang the boys' art up. Wrong. Turns out it isn't magnetic. BUT the little nails used to hammer it in are, so I can hang stuff up if I get the magnets right on the nails. Cute! I chose red because we had it left from Jackson's bedroom. I chose the green because the previous owner had 2 small cans of similar green paint so I mixed them together and was able to get a single coat out of them. I love the red and green contrast. And they were free! And the boys LOVE this wall. Love it. It is so fun to see their artwork change daily.

I love this tree. I saw something similar in Pottery Barn so I borrowed the idea. I used leftover paint around the house for the apples and stump. I bought a small can of spring-green paint for the tree itself. I have since added a small "nest" I made from a paper bag and craft moss. There are also 2 birds made from play-doh. A red one and a blue one, each of the boys' favorite colors. I'll have to snap a picture of them They are cute, and the boys love pointing them out to friends.

I plan to hang letters that say "PLAY" on this wall, as well as two big pictures of the boys with goofy faces, in white frames. For now I just used Photoshop to show what the letters will look like. I'm waiting for payday. :-)
More of them being silly.

I made this bench. OK, Shawn helped. But still, it was my idea, and I did 70% of it. We had a bunch of MDF already cut from a previous project we didn't end up doing. We put it together with screws and support brackets. I painted it with white I found -- you guessed it -- from the previous owners. I made the bench pad from a bed pad we no longer used. Just cut it down and wrapped it with some red and white mattress ticking fabric I got (on sale!) from JoAnn's. I used the same fabric for (un-photographed) window treatments. Easy-peasy-cheapo! I will some day get wicker baskets that fit, but I had these tubs that fit and were already labeled so I'm going with it for now.
I seriously love this room. And I think the boys do, too. It is fun and bright and feels like their space. And since it is viewable from most parts of the house, it also adds a bit of whimsy to our decor. I need to photograph the whole thing, once it is completely done, but I wanted to put up some of these bigger projects to show my Dad and Mom why I haven't been blogging much lately! :-)


jimbroome said...

Amy, your house is so pretty! Can't wait to see it.

Kimi said...

You are so clever! Love it! When we buy a new house you will need to come help me decorate! No. We are not buying a new house. But someday...

Kay (carsonsmommy) said...

You are way too crafty for your own good. I love it!

Anonymous said...

That room is awesome! From one cheapo to another - good job!!

Debbie said...

I need you to come to my house. I could sure put you to work. Love the room!