Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's the Buzz?

In an effort to continue our financial savings (ie: I'm too cheap to pay $17 for each of the boys to have a haircut every 2 months), I introduced the idea of giving the boys a buzz cut. Dad shaves his head every 1.5-2 weeks, so the boys are no strangers to the idea of the head shave. But they don't like haircuts. At all. Remember this. But I'm into being cheap, and I managed to get them both to agree. Here's the results for J's trim. He was really patient and though he looksmelancholy following the cut, he really does love it. He's just exhausted for full day Kindergarten. You will notice no pictures of Holden's trim. Because he hated it with a capital H and cried likenobodies business. I will not be buzzing his hair again. Back to the Jack and Jill salon for him.

ps - when I asked Jackson if anyone at school noticed his new haircut he told me that a few kids at school didn't recognize him and thought he was a new kid. Ha!

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