Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anxious much?

Last night I couldn't sleep. I had one million thoughts zooming through my head, for reasons that escape me (I'm usually zonked by days' end and rarely have trouble catching some much needed zzzzz's). I decided to write down every thing that was swirling through my head making me feel anxious or just jittery. 3 pages later I slept like a dream. Who knew I had that much swirling around in my noggin? Somethings were pithy. Something were major. All of them were keeping me awake. Life is never as easy as it should be. But I felt cleansed after writing it all down, and slept like a dream. For many, many years I kept a nightly journal that I rarely skipped writing in. I have dozens of them stacked away in storage - 13 years worth. I always felt purified after writing, and perhaps I'm in need of paper and pen again to get myself a better night's rest.

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