Monday, September 14, 2009

House Rules

We aren't the strictest parents ever. We also aren't light weights. I *think* we toe the line pretty well with regards to disciplining our children. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we fail miserably. It's all a learning lesson. And just in case we thought we had it all figured out with the first one (which honestly, we never did), along comes a 2nd one who is the complete opposite of the first. Good times!

Last week things were getting a little out of hand in the crib tales household. School starting threw a kink into our usual schedule and routine, and the looooooong day for Jackson lead to a few too many meltdowns and broken rules. Rules? WHAT rules??? We've never really defined them, they just sort of grew organically over time (like that melon I found in the back of the fridge from far too many weeks ago...I digress...). So the boys and I sat down and vetted out the rules that make our house tick. Certainly this doesn't cover it all. Certainly some of it is a little, um, odd (re: #9 was Holden's addition thanks to our recent hike). But is helps that now when one of the boys breaks a rule we can ask him to review the list and tell us which rule was broken and issue consequences as a result.

So here goes, the rules of the house, as provided by my children with a great deal of input from yours truly:
  1. Ask Mom or Dad before using TV, Computer, Wii or Leapfrog
  2. No hurting each other, or anyone, with words, hands or teeth
  3. Love each other always. always.
  4. Use caring words.
  5. Ask before going outside (no going in front yard at all without Mom or Dad)
  6. No jumping or standing on Jackson's bed. (it's a loft bed)
  7. Be responsible: pick up your own things - toys, clothes, books, dishes, etc.
  8. Help each other.
  9. Don't pick poison ivy.

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