Sunday, October 25, 2009


My sweet baby boy is turning three today. I can't even believe how fast the past three years have flown - it feels like yesterday I was waddling around trying to get that baby to drop. And here he is a full grown little boy. Sigh...

Holden, at the ripe old age of three, you are one of the brightest lights in my life. You make me smile just by being you. I love how your big brown eyes are so full of love and joy. I love how when I check on you each evening, after you've fallen asleep, you smile in your sleep when I kiss you. I love when I discover you've learned something new that I didn't teach you -- like all the sudden you know the letters in your name! How did that happen? I love your infectious laugh. Your adorable little nose. Your dimple. I love how you nestle your head under my neck. How you still grab at your ears when you are drinking milk from a cup -just like you did when you were a nursing babe. I love how excited you get by little things like snow, Capri Sun, crayons and seeing horses in the field near our home. I love how you still talk about our "old house" and call it the "baby house." I love that you love Cheetos and Cheerios and Cheese. But only yellow cheese, not white cheese. I love your toes, your fingers, your belly button that reminds me you once were connected to me in a way you will never be to another soul. I love that you are learning to fly - not literally, of course, but your independence is growing by leaps and bounds. I love how sometimes the rhythm just gets your toes to tapping and you have to dance. I love that Jackson is your best friend in the whole world. I love that you call me Mama. I love how on occasions, though you look very much like me, I see bits of your Daddy coming through in you. I love your soft, yellow hair. I love how sometimes you make your voice sound like a cross between a toad and Ethel Merman. I love your curiosity. Your constant questions of "Why?" and "Where we going now Mama?" And I love you. All the way to the moon and back. My sweet little boy. Who today. Is three.


jimbroome said...

I am so sorry I didn't get to tell you happy birthday on the phone yesterday.

Beki said...

I love that your little profile pic is right there next to his picture because holy cow does he look like you!! Lucky little boy!