Friday, October 02, 2009


In honor of being 36 years of age as of today (thanks for the med-free birth Mom!), here are 36 things I am thankful for, in no particular order:
  1. The view out my window
  2. Brie "cake" in the fridge
  3. The Birthday song my husband composed for me, and the French Toast he made for me
  4. Healthy children
  5. The ability to chase my passion
  6. Security in a sometimes not-so-secure world
  7. Parents who are kind and caring and gave me the freedom to always spread my wings and fly, but were also always there to catch me if I needed it
  8. Dear friends to share in the adventures of mommy-hood
  9. Toile
  10. Creativity
  11. That my son can read - it is like music to my ears
  12. My 8 year old car still runs like a dream - thank you Subaru for making great cars!
  13. Sisters who are my friends, whom I can still disagree with, whom I will love for all time
  14. Facebook - yes, silly, but it brought old friends into my life again, and helped me find family I thought lost forever
  15. Photoshop
  16. That Holden has my eyes, which are also my mom's eyes
  17. Coffee and Diet Coke and Red Wine
  18. Things that belonged to my Granny - her Clark's Embroidery box, her copper jello mold, her Camelot record, the slipper chair from her storage locker, her love of books
  19. In-law's that I enjoy spending time with
  20. My Pentax
  21. 3 Lisa's who make my life happier in different ways - Majed, Weik and Pike
  22. Short hair
  23. My step grandmother BJ who has always been a Grandma to me, and always will be
  24. The color yellow. And red.
  25. My health
  26. My husband
  27. My boys
  28. Memories to remind me how I good I have it in the present
  29. Fleece blankets
  30. Palisade peaches
  31. Clear conscience
  32. Freedom
  33. Learning something new on a daily basis, even though I thought my "learning" was something I did only in school
  34. A house that is a home
  35. That I know how to sew
  36. That I have made it another year on this beautiful earth

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Pikette said...

Happy 36th!!! I'm honored to be one of the Lisa Trio! Love you bunches! Lisa P.