Saturday, November 28, 2009

A fall to winter catch up...

We had a truly lovely Thanksgiving with Shawn's family - Nana, Uncle Al and Coleen. We had traditional turkey, made by my mother in law, that was absolutely delicious, and Uncle Al provided a special dish - Sole Normandy (melt in your mouth yummy!). We are sure to remember for years to come that Nana accidentally used up the single lemon he needed to complete his dish. But we all left happy and full so it was obviously all a huge success.

Jackson, Daddy, Al and Nana went to a late evening Broncos game - Jackson's first. He was sacked out when he returned home late Thursday evening, but full of excitement giving me all the details on Friday morning.

We are now 100% gearing up for Christmas. Our house is fully decorated, and tomorrow we are heading out for a family day to see The Nutcracker ballet. We are all very excited. I love this time of year, and the wonder it brings to my boys' faces.

I am thankful and blessed and full of grace.

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