Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween '09 and a Birthday...

Birthday boy checking out his cupcakes
crazy monster cupcakes!
peanut butter spiders
mummy pigs in a blanket!
Bat wing chips and bloody salsa
more cupcake gazing...
Gidget the good witch!
Carissa -Bat Girl!
Birthday boy

This is from the day before - we took the boys to Trick or Treat Street in downtown Castle Rock. They were both Transformers. Holden switched to a Power Ranger for last night's trick or treating!

Despite the mountains of snow and 3 days of canceled school, by Saturday the skies were clear and sunny in preparation for a beautiful Halloween day - and a small birthday party for Holden! Jackson and I did some sledding in the morning, then we went into birthday/candy mode. We had a few of our closest friends over to celebrate Holden turning 3. The party was as much fun for us adults as it was for all the kiddos. The kiddos played a game of pin the nose on the pumpkin, ate monster cupcakes, and played hard! Trick-or-treating was done Mayberry-style with all the kids in the 'hood coming out for a beautiful evening of treats and no tricks. The weather was perfect, the moon was full, and so were all our bellies by the time we hit the pillow. An awesome day. Halloween is such a fun, low-stress holiday - and I especially like it when coupled with Holden's birthday.


jimbroome said...

I bet you had fun! Wished I was there!

Beki said...

Please remind me next year of the peanut butter Ritz spiders and the pin the nose on the Jack-o-Lantern. I LOVE these ideas!!!! Great job on the party!

Clover said...

Super cute!!! I love the mummy fingers.

My baby's birthday is in October too. Man, we have been on the same schedule girl!