Thursday, November 12, 2009

I give it a 10

This picture doesn't even touch it. This is actually 2002, but it is as far back as I can find a picture of us together - mainly because there were no digital cameras before this point, and I'm too lazy to go into the basement to find a photo album and a picture and scan it into the computer. My point is... 10 years ago today I went on my last first date. Shawn picked me up in his snazzy Chevy Lumina and took me to see a play. We had some drinks, some dinner, lots of laughter, lots of easy talking, and a whole lotta flirting. And that my friends, was that. We were both smitten. It was all over from there. No more first dates for either of us. Just more dates adding onto more dates adding onto a shared apartment, an engagement ring, a wedding, a first house, a baby, a cross country move, another house, another baby, another house, no more babies, and still lots of laughter, lots of talking, lots of flirting. 10 years in a blink. I remember it like it was yesterday (I even remember what we were both wearing that night!). Love you schmoop - here's to ten times ten more years together.


jimbroome said...

Congrats to the Stephens! I love you all!

mindyrn said...

so sweet. congratulations!!!