Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sometimes this kid really surprises me. Honestly, Shawn and I had nothing to do with his picture below, or the words he attributed to it. I am pretty sure I teared up when he showed it to me. So simple. So true. I hope this means we are raising a socially conscious young man. I dunno. But he nailed it.

And also, here is Jackson and his Daddy at Thanksgiving meal at school. We all went and had a great family meal together. Until it was time for recess and he abandoned us for the playground. Ah well, can't win 'em all.

I hope this kind of memory stays in his heart for a long, long time. I can remember how special it was when my Mom came to have a holiday meal with me at school. I now know of course she must have juggled her own schedule as an elementary school teacher to make that happen. Thank you for that Mom. This also reminded me of when my Dad sent corsages to me on Valentine's. I think I might have been a tad embarrassed at the time - I have no idea why I would have been, but I was a bashful child. I remember my teachers would ohhh and awww over it -- and now I get it. How thoughtful and sweet. Yes, those are the memories I keep so close in my heart, and I hope my boys will, too, as they grow up. And yeah, I took this picture, and yeah, it is blurry.

I had to add this on a little after I wrote the above post. This kid, I swear, I love him so so so much. Even the days he pushes my buttons (which is often) and makes me shake my head in confusion, I love him to pieces. This evening the boys were watching a kiddie show before bed time. Shawn and I were in the same room but not fully paying attention. Jacksonn turns to me and asks:
"Mommy, are wishing wells real?"
me: No buddy, they aren't real. They're just on the show.
Him: But whales are real, right?
me: (totally confused) Yeah hon, whales are real.
Him: But not wishing whales, right?
me: Oh, yes, right, there are no such thing as wishing whales.

How can you not love this kid???

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