Monday, December 07, 2009


Today I will try to value each moment. Treasure each kiss (even the one brought on because someone bonked me in the head). I will listen to the words I read to my children. I will feel blessed by the snow outside my window and the warmth inside my home. I will try to remember each moment is precious and unique and quickly over. Today I will be grateful for old friends, new friends, and friends who have yet to grace my heart. Today I will savor each taste, each smell, each sound...even the yelling. I will laugh. I may cry. That is ok, too. Today I am reminded that life is short, fleeting, and a blessing beyond measure. I will be thankful for prayers answered. And as Garth sings, unanswered as well. I will relish fresh laundry, even if it is in a massive pile on my bed ready, waiting to be folded. Today I will be in awe that those two little soul's have been given to me to keep, care for, watch over, guide, and of course, one day, set free. I will reach out to hug the man who gave me those souls. I will feel each breath. I will be thankful for my messes because they signify that I have more than I could ever need or want, and I should give thanks for that. Today my deep self evaluation is brought on by this amazing soul. You can't read her story and not feel how blessed your life is. Or hers.

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