Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Comes Early

We started Christmas a tad early this year. Alison (my mother in law) is spending Christmas in Buffalo with Shawn's sister's family, so she celebrated this past weekend with our family before hopping her flight earlier this morning. She of course spoiled the boys with armloads of presents -- toys and books and electronic gadgets, a science kit, a microscope (I admit I'm having fun with this one!), musical instruments, and more that I'm probably forgetting. Shawn made Paella. I bought a Black Forrest cake. We watched movies and ate too much and watched the boys play. All was right with the world. (well that is until we discovered an early demise by Jackson's pet fish, King Ned Blue Red, but that is a tale for another day...).

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas Nana! And we send much love to our Buffalo family and our Texas family this holidays season. We'll be waking up at our house Christmas morn, as has become our own family tradition, but we will miss our loved ones and be thinking of you all so much and wishing you a very safe and happy Christmas. xoxo

Nana, Jackson and Holden

Utter excitement over toys that are about to be opened...
In need of Daddy's assistance

Leapster's - the big hit of the day (and I also busted Jackson playing with this after lights out last night...but I forgave considering the passing of his fish earlier in the evening)
My loves

Dr Jackson at your service

A little dress up earlier today
Don't ask 'cause I don't have a clue
And a visit to Santa and the most unfriendly helper elves I've ever come across (seriously, they would allow me to take one picture -because I wasn't buying their package - and demanded that I erase any extras...I didn't)
Ah yes, and Shawn's Paella...mmmmm....

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