Saturday, December 26, 2009

the best ever

Christmas Eve with best pals -
Holden (3), Jackson G (6.5), Allie (2.5), Jackson J (5.5)
Christmas Eve -cookies, milk and letters for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer!)
New super-duper Spy Watch
Christmas Socks Rock!
(I bought these Stockings the year we were engaged -- I bought 4, with hopes that two awesome kiddos would find their way into our lives one day)
Mr. Roboto
Santa's gift - a cool game table for the basement!
Christmas Dinner by candlelight - wish I'd photographed those crab legs!!!
Christmas Sundaes, of course

Christmas 2009. Maybe the best Christmas I can remember -- at the very least the best Christmas since 1984 when I got both a doll house and a cabbage patch doll.

We were on our own this year, just us and the boys. We spent Christmas Eve with the Weik's, as has become our tradition -- Mexican food and cocktails! Perfection. Christmas morning started pretty much the same way every morning starts for us, with Jackson coming into our room at the crack of dawn. But I will add that it was a very respectable 7am, and he waited 14 minutes before begging us to wake up Holden and go see if Santa came . He did.

We spent the morning opening gifts at a fairly leisurely pace. We enjoyed a breakfast of bagels and lox for us and cinnamon rolls for the boys. Christmas carols played on the speakers, a fire was going in the fire place, and a beautiful white snow was on the ground outside. But who am I kidding - the presents took center stage. We played all morning and all afternoon, and never got out of our jammies the entire day. Shawn and I made an amazing dinner for ourselves - steak, shrimp, crab legs, roasted potatoes and a yummy un-oaked Chardonnay. Who needs turkey?! It was one of the best meals I've ever had, holiday or not. The boys enjoyed their favorites as well - chicken nuggets and melon. And we finished off the meal with ice-cream sundaes. Not traditional, certainly, but a perfect finish to a perfect day.

After the boys were in bed Shawn and I watched "Love Actually" which is also a tradition of ours. It is a perfect little holiday film, and has made it to our DVD every Christmas since Jackson was a baby. Love it. We all slept well, thankful for our blessings and each other, and the new robots that are certainly the boys' favorite gifts of all.

But back to why this was the best Christmas ever... it wasn't because of the gifts -- though let's face it, presents rock -- and Shawn and I even opted to not exchange this year so we could save some dough, so the presents with which I speak were all truly, 100% for the boys. It wasn't the delicious food -- but again, let's face facts, I love food and love eating food with people I love, and the food we all ate together was divine. But that's not it. It wasn't the snow on the ground -- again, snow is awesome, but Mr CT has to shovel it and it makes him grouchy about living in Colorado, and it makes the roads slushy and slippery and messy, even though I about die every time I look at it because it is gorgeous and we have amazing views of the mountains from our new home. And it wasn't even the new home -- though the house was warm and toasty and decorated just how I want it to be, and all our merry-making was lovely and spread out and we all felt a sense of space which is nice, oh so nice. But that wasn't it. What was it? Well of course it was them. That pretty much goes without saying. My family. The people I adore more than anything or anyone or any place on the planet. The boys were joyous and full of wonder and excitement and dare I say it, graciousness! They hardly even bickered yesterday. And my husband, whom I am blessed to be in love with. Who makes me smile and laugh and flat out guffaw more often than not. And it was having a long chat with him over dinner while the boys played. It was being with someone that allows for honestly and truth. It was feeling that love come back to me a thousand times over. That is what made it the best. Christmas. Ever. (Except the year I got a doll house and a cabbage patch doll...)


Ali said...

here's to many more. merry christmas, my friend.

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Ali, you, too! love that you are blogging now - the blogosphere needs your sense of humor!