Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little holiday prep

Making Gingerbread houses has sort of become a tradition in our house over the past few years. We made one on 2007, and less successfully in 2008. Today at the craft store I reached for the traditional kit to make this years' house and got side tracked by the "sale sign" showing a similar (this is Jackson's word of the moment - he loves using this word) gingerbread house but made with Rice Krispie Treats instead of gingerbread. hmmm...You had me at sale. And marshmallow. And easy. The boys were excited to try something new. I was excited I didn't have to actually construct a house (again, '08's house was a tad run down). And we were all excited that the results could be eaten immediately after decorating. And they were. Awesomeness. Tradition redefined.
The kit - cute;
I'll save the pan so next year I can just make the treats reusing the same pan.
The designers hard at work
and eating - the best part!
more eating -- this kid's eyes slay me every time... (and yes, please note he is still wearing his Power Rangers Halloween costume and it is, yes, the middle of December. I have sewn it twice now)
Later in the evening we all piled into the Subaru to look at Christmas lights around the 'hood. Cocoa and candy canes (and a lid!) - a must!

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Beki said...

You mean they're not supposed to wear their Halloween costumes, t-shirts and socks in December?? DANG! I knew I was getting some strange looks! =)