Thursday, December 24, 2009

What it is all about...

These two are the reason I do just about every single thing I do in my life. I love them beyond measure. Even when they are cranky on Christmas eve. Oh yeah, and their Daddy is pretty spectacular, too.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. We'll be snuggling up at home this year, as is our tradition, but thinking much of our family and friends afar. I'll be thinking of the beautiful Christmas service at St. Christopher's in Lubbock. It always has a special place in my heart - the beautiful candles and music and of course the Christmas story. I'll be thinking of BJ's divinity (DIVINE!) and spicy sausage balls. Opening presents at Dad and Di's on Christmas eve - always an awesome display of mayhem and tissue paper. I'll think of waking up Christmas morning at my Mama's house. The beautiful handmade stockings hanging from the hearth -- one for each of us including Kimi's dog Bubba. I think the total is around 15 stockings, all made with love by my Mama's hands. I'll think of Debbie and Ed's turkey and my Granny's stuffing recipe. I'll think of watching my nieces open their myriad of gifts. I'll think of home and what a great place it was to grow up. And of course I'll relish our time now, here, with our boys. Snow on the ground. The boys so young and full of wonder. Opening their gifts. Eating yummy noshies. Christmas eve spent with good friends. And the boys awaiting impatiently Santa's visit -- a little elf told me he's bringing them a game table this year! I love all that it encompasses.

So with that I'm signing off. Going to chow on some delish Mexican food and enjoy my time with my family. Merry Christmas everyone!

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