Sunday, January 03, 2010

10 years

Kind of weird to think we are starting a new decade. It seemed to go by so incredibly fast, but at the same time I can still remember 1989 and thinking that 1999 was soooo far away. Sheesh, I'm old.

Ten years ago I had just fallen in love with Shawn - I mean head over heals in love - and we were celebrating our first New Year's Eve together. I had a cold that night. We kissed at midnight anyway. This year at midnight we were both very much asleep. We missed the midnight kiss but toasted in the new year East coast time, so the kids could yell along with us. I wore my jammies the entire night, but I did drink a lot of champagne, too.

Ten years ago I was working at IBM, who had just bought the first "real" company I ever worked for - Sequent Computer Systems. At the time I hated my job. Hated it. I was stressed to the max and looking for a change. I got that chance when 1/2 way into the new decade I got my then-dream-job as a marketing manager for a cool, hip software company - RealNetworks. Now, 10 years later, I have my true "dream" job as a mom, a wife, a homemaker, and a photographer. Nothing I do is really all that hip or cool, but I love it (potty training aside).

Ten years ago Shawn proposed to me in our tiny living room in our tiny apartment. My bike had just been stolen from the apartment garage. I was sad. Then he proposed. I was happy. I said yes. I daydreamed about house hunting and imagined future babies. Now, 10 years later, I have the house of my dreams (truly, thank you my love), and the two most adorable "babies" you could ever hope for. They are 5 and 3. Somedays I still daydream about one more baby -- this time from a far away land who is in need of a family. We'll see if we achieve that dream in another 10 years.

Ten years ago we lived in a tee-niney-apartment (800 square feet and a terrible layout) in Seattle, Washington. Today we live in a beautiful home that has over 4,000 square feet, in Castle Rock, Colorado. I was as excited then as I am now to have our very own space. Space is just a number, its the love you fill it with that matters. I've learned that much for sure in 10 years.

Ten years ago there had not been a 9/11. Terrorism was a word that other countries used, not ours. Ten years ago you could walk a loved one to the gate that they were flying out of at the airport. Ten years ago we were not at war. Ten years ago there seemed to be a lot more hope and financial security and honesty. I hope that we are making progress on this, ten years later. I'm optimistic, really I am.

Ten years ago the only computer I "owned" was my company issued Think Pad laptop. I used dial up to dial into work if I needed to use the Internet. I had a pager. I did not have a cell phone, and did not think I needed one. The only email account I had was via my work. Ten years later we have a desktop, a laptop, I keep two blogs, I Facebook and Email - I have two accounts, I communicate with my child's teacher via email more than face to face. I've been through 4 phones now. I can even text, though I'm not good at it. I don't Twitter but a lot of my friends do. I edit all my photographs online. I love my digital SLR camera. Technology rocks. It definitely changes the way we communicate and interact with people. I haven't figured out yet if that is good or bad, it just is.

Ten years is a long time. But I think every decade seems to go by faster and faster and faster. In ten more years I will have two teenage boys in my home. Woah. In ten years I hope I am working successfully at something I love. I hope that is photography, but who knows where life will take us. I hope I am still in this house. We have moved 6 times in the past 10 years. I'm d.o.n.e. with that. In ten years I hope happiness and love still fills our marriage and our home. I hope my loved ones are all still with us. I hope our country is stronger and optimistic. I hope that freedom is still something we value highly. I'm anxious to see where technology will take us in 10 years time. I wonder if my own children, in 10 years time, will have their own phones and computers and all the things we sort of never even dreamed of as kids - 20 years ago...or more. 1989 feels like it was a week ago, and 1999 a blink ago. Twenty-Ten. That's weird to say. I'm excited to see what the teens hold for us.

Happy New Year. Happy New Decade.

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