Saturday, January 23, 2010

The "babies"

These are all the "babies" from playgroup - each of our last babes to be born. It's an odd feeling to know you are done having babies. I remember Shawn and I deciding for ourselves "yep, let's start a family!" That was 7 years ago. And now here we are, two babes in arms, done with babies and bottles and burp clothes. We are now onto swimming lessons and school trips and Spiderman sweatshirts. But these 3 babies here will, I do believe, be "babied" just a little bit longer simply for the reason that they are each of our last babes.

Holden- hardly a "baby" at 3
Charleigh Jo - just turned two and full of spunk!
Tripp - 1 year old and garnering all the attention due as the littlest tyke in playgroup

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