Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the big apple in '10

Shawn and I are trying to get ourselves to NYC. We've been trying to get there for 10 years now. It's a silly thing. Because we've gone other places including London, Disneyland, and Vegas, and a few other smaller destinations in between, and yet we can't get our butts to New York City. We aren't "vacationers" really. We go on a few random trips here and there but we don't plan big vacations all that often. It is a big step for us to just start even thinking about going on a trip of this caliber. I haven't been to New York since 1998. I remember the trip well. I remember having just bought the CUTEST Ann Taylor sandals with at least 2.5 inch heals . I was a saucy single gal in those days. And I traipsed around the city in those blasted shoes until my feet hurt so badly that I just took them off and went barefoot. Yes, in New York City. You see I have several friends, good friends, from college, who live in that fine city (including Adam, my very best friend in college, and Ruth, my"backpack-through-Europe travel buddy) . I've been there half a dozen times in my life. I love it there. It isn't the kind of place I could live - to be honest. Even after 8 years in the city of Seattle, the city of New York is just a wee bit too big, too loud, too dusty for my taste. But I DO love it. It is vibrant and big and loud and dusty - that's its appeal!

But my hubs has never been. And he's always wanted to go. And I've always wanted to go with him. Well, always as long as we've been together which is ten years now. And yet we can't seem to get ourselves there for reasons that escape me. Well, they don't really escape me -- it is expensive to go to New York. There's no denying that. And it means leaving our "babies" - which is hard even though I know they would be in the very capable hands of their grandmothers. And it means Shawn taking time off work. And heck, me taking time off work (though let's be honest, I'm the peanut winner compared to the real bread winner in this family). And now that the kids are older there is school to arrange, and activities, and all the other little things that make up our every day. It is hard to make that commitment.

But last night we decided it was time to make the commitment. We actually looked up hotel rooms on the Internet. It's a start.


ECHeasley said...

don't think I've been since May of2001, and it was Scott's 1st and only visit - no that's a lie. I went in 2003 just before you and I met.

Hope you make it. We have been talking about Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary this summer but it's just so expensive...so now we're looking at a weekend get away on Kelley's Island but I'm so cheap we might be lucky if we make it downtown for dinner and a night at the Ritz.

Tales from the Crib said...

You know what, we did it...we made the reservations! We just decided that it was something we really wanted to do, needed to do, and worked hard to be able to do. So we are. But I'm still all aflutter with nerves! At least I have 3 months to prepare, save my pennies, and figure out how to make my stay-at-home-mama-wardrobe fit into such a chic city!!

Anonymous said...

We love NYC and have been a ton since we both used to travel there for work often. Let me know if you need any restuarant and/or things to do ideas! -Kelly

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Kelly! I may hit you up for some restaurant ideas! We'll only be there 3 full days and 2 half days but we hope to fit a lot in!