Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bowl me over

The boys were invited to a bowling birthday party last weekend for a neighbor friend. It was their first time bowling. Awesome. Jackson, as I would have expected, was incredibly serious with the new endeavor. This kid is as competitive as they come, and honestly, a little hard on himself if he doesn't excel. I think he gets a bit of that from me I'm sorry to say. I was always hard on myself with regards to school and grades and extracurricular activities. I hope we can help tone him down a bit so he doesn't come across as looking like a sore sport. And I also have to add, he was really good at bowling. As for the Holdmeister, well he was just happy to come along for the ride. He gave it his best, but what he wanted most was just to hold that bowling ball. All 3 pounds of it.

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