Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Jackson had a friend over after school today to play for a few hours. I'm always happy to have his friends over. It is a goal of mine to make our house the "cool house" for the kids to hang out at. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment? NO! Because then I always know where my sons are. Clever me thinks! And so, evidence of most play dates gets strewn about. I didn't even photograph the playroom. That's where the real nightmare begins.
(from top left)
  1. carefully placed home decor now askew - check!
  2. art supplies and snacks in various locations throughout the house - check!
  3. little brother banished to the office to play on the computer - check!
  4. snow boots (it hasn't snowed in 3 weeks) and black cape left strewn on the floor - check!
  5. tunnel leading precariously down the stairs into the basement, landing on overstuffed bean bags and couch cushions - check!
  6. spilled toy box
  7. Darth Vader mask - check
  8. happy boys watching a movie with popcorn for all of 18 minutes before coming up with a new scheme to play - check!
(click to enlarge)

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