Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

No words can describe the devastation that land is facing right now. It is heartbreaking, heart wrenching. It is hard to watch the news, but also hard not to. Like when Katrina hit or the Towers fell, it just makes you ache for the loss of life, and the broken lives that are shattered along the way.

The quake in Haiti also reminds me very much of my cousin Sonya, who lost her life in Haiti 19 years ago. She was a missionary over there, working in an orphanage. I remember the pictures she sent back to us all with all the beautiful children, most of whom had lost their parents to AIDS, and many of whom were also suffering from the disease. The poverty would take your breath away. She so selfishly put college aside to serve her Lord and the Haitian children. She passed away, suddenly, in a terrible car accident on the way into Port Au Prince one afternoon - where yesterday's earthquake hit the hardest. It was a horrible loss to our family, her friends, her church, the orphanage where she worked. And I know today that my aunt and uncle, and my cousins, must be thinking even more of Sonya. Of the life she gave to help that small, desperate land. I pray for them, to help ease their hearts, because I know a day cannot pass that Sonya does not cross their minds. She was such a beautiful, sweet girl. We had such good times growing up. And she is so very much missed. And I pray, desperately, for the Haitians. This catastrophe will forever change that land. They were so desperate before, and now...there are just no words.

And I am reminded again (and again, and again) how blessed my life is. How fortunate I am to live where there is such an abundance of everything.

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