Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday in Colorado

8:11 am - fighting over the Wii begins
8:32 am - coffee brewing
9:02 am - search online for fun things to do around Denver for kids because I can't find my book entitled the same
9:27 am - shower
10:32 am - everyone dressed, hair and teeth brushed, shoes tied, car packed
10:33 am - realize we don't have directions to where we are heading
10:40 am - Prius is on the road
11:22 am - pee break, lunch at a random Burger King in a desolate area of Denver. Jackson insisting he's eaten here before with Daddy, and demanding we sit in the booth they sat in on their previous visit (note: we have never been to this Burger King before and in all likelihood will never frequent it again)
11:23 am - change seats
11:23 am - change seats again, eat
11:40 am - back on the road
11:41 am - argument over Burger King crowns featuring "Twilight" characters. (I have no idea who is who and neither does anyone in the car)
12:05 pm - arrive at "WOW! Children's Museum" in Lafayette, Colorado. Park right in front. Score
12:08 pm - totally "WOW'd" by said museum. Awesomeness. Truly awesome.
2:20 pm - tell kids we have 5 minutes left until we leave the museum
2:42 pm - leave museum with tears and tantrum from eldest child
3:20 pm - cookies, cocoa and lattes on Pearl Street in Boulder
4:02 pm - back on the road, heading for home, thankful that there is a stew cooking in the crock pot, awaiting our return home, and "UP!" playing on the portable DVD. Long conversation between Mommy and Daddy with barely a peep from the back seat
5:15 pm - home.
5:16 pm - Wii is turned on and Lego Star Wars reigns supreme... but noticeably less fighting

Good day in Colorado. With my family.


Susan said...

Thank you from the entire staff of The WOW! Childrens Museum, your comments made our day.....

Tales from the Crib said...

Thank you to your awesome staff & facility Susan - it was a wonderful afternoon for our family, and we will definitely be back!!