Friday, January 15, 2010

Swimming School Drop Out

I don't like the idea of "letting" my kids quit activities. I feel they should finish out whatever they start. I don't mind if they get bored with something and are ready to try something else, but they have to finish up what they started. However, we are now 3 weeks into round two of swimming for Holden. And he has cried,no sobbed, every single lesson. He hates it. Does NOT want to do it. Sits in the pool and cries big heaving sobs. Finally I have given in and let him quit. I'm bummed about the money going down the drain. I'm bummed because learning to swim is an absolute MUST in my book. But mostly I'm bummed because he was doing so well with his first round of lessons, and I don't know or understand what happened to make him so freaked out all of the sudden. He won't say why. So we'll take a little break. Hopefully he'll continue to watch big brother swim and want to get into it again some time soon. Ho-hum.

Holden in happier swimming times:


Lisa said...

Adam went through something similar when he was 3.5 years. One day he actually threw up in the lobby. I still don't know what triggered this reaction as he was having such a great time with his lesson prior to that. Anyway, I'm sure Holden will once again be excited about swimming. He has to because he is your child. If memory serves me you were a fish back in the day! :-)

jimbroome said...

Come on Holden......You can do it!

Clover said...

Ugh. That is such a bummer. We went through something similar, but it was ballet. So, you know, big whoop.

I bet it's just a passing phase. He'll get back in there.

Tales from the Crib said...

Yeah, we'll get back to it eventually. I was just so excited because he was so into it before! bumma!