Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Take On Nutrition...well, not mine, my friend's....

Have you checked out my friend's new blog - My Take on Nutrition? It rocks! Brandy is one of my oldest friends. OK, she's not old, she's actually younger than I, but I've known her since we were 5 years old. How awesome is that? And she is a nutritionist and an amazing cook. I recall very clearly my 18th birthday - she threw me a surprise party, and she made the most beautiful birthday cake. It was basket weave, made by hand. So impressed. I still remember that cake - it has been over 18 years since that birthday (ahem). It stands as probably my favorite birthday celebration ever.

Bran's new blog is chock full of simple, easy tips on keeping your family healthy with nutritious and delicious meals. No muss, no fuss, just honest to goodness...well, goodness!

And in honor of her pursuit to make the world a healthier place, I'm, gulp, attempting to give up my beloved Diet Coke. Why? Because I know it is full of chemicals. I know it is making me sluggish. I know that it doesn't help my water consumption (or lack thereof). I know that it is part of why, at the age of 36, I still have acne. I know it is not good for me. So I'm going to give it a go. If I'm a total bear in 3 days time, call the authorities. Today is day one. It is close to 9pm and I did not have one the entire day. I don't seem to notice any differences, yet. I craved one close to noon. And again around 4pm. Those are my usual times to indulge. But I declined. I had water or watery-juice instead. And you know what, I survived!

I'm putting this out there so I will hold myself to it. Is a couple of diet cokes a day really all that bad? Well I don't know. I'm sure, as mentioned above, that they aren't great for me. But honestly I can't keep complaining about how I feel - sluggish, acne, dental work, unless I'm willing to do something about it. So I hope Bran's blog will keep me motivated. I hope I don't cave to the brand new 12 pack I just bought last weekend before I decided to make this step. It sits, unopened, in the cabinet. I hope a cup of coffee or two will help me over the hump. Oh, yeah, I'm not giving up coffee. One demon at a time.

And tell her hi!


zjoeynosmom said...

Congrats on taking that step, Amy!! I know it is super hard. I gave up diet soda almost a year ago & I don't miss it a bit. I drink coffee (black, no goodies), water & the occasional iced tea (again, no goodies) and I feel GOOD. Best of luck!!


Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Amanda! I have to start with the diet coke and work my way up to my coffee being free - right now I need it a little articially sweetened...

Tales from the Crib said...

artificially. woops.

Lauren Cook said...

Hi Amy,

Love your blog! Funny timing, I just started easing back on my coffee drinking and I've really struggled. So nice to hear other people's experiences with trying to healthify their diets!

On a separate note, I'm helping the Red Cross Mile High Chapter spread the word about their Infant/Child CPR classes. Since we love your blog, would you have any interest in helping out?

If so, I'd love to discuss. Email me anytime at

I'm now a new loyal follower of Tales from the Crib. Thank you!

Tales from the Crib said...

Hi Lauren
Thanks for the post! I'll drop you a line offline.