Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Poor Gump

Yesterday it snowed. A lot. And I took Jackson to school. And then went to the grocery store because I refused to go to the grocery store on Superbowl Sunday. And on the way back from the grocery store I tried to turn the corner into our neighborhood and the car did not want to turn the corner so it kept going straight. I said to myself "Oh boy, yep, this is it, we are NOT going to stop. We are just going to keep going and run into that curb and I really hope we don't hit that electrical box looking thing that is just past the curb and ohhh shhhhh....$*(*$!!!" And then I hit the curb, but not the electrical box. I wasn't hurt. Holden wasn't hurt. In fact, he wanted to know why we were stopping. I tried to drive but the awful grinding sound coming from below the car made me stop. Then I tried to drive again. And again I stopped. The two front wheels were bent. Lovely. Fortuitously a tow truck stopped and asked if I needed a tow. I turned him down, and called Shawn instead. He made me realize I did need a tow. Duh. So I called a tow truck. And then Holden had to pee. In the snow or in a cup, those were his options. He chose the snow. He was thirsty and hungry. We were 1/2 a mile from home. For reals, half a mile at the most! But luckily we'd gone to the damned grocery store so he drank a water-capri-sun and ate goldfish crackers. He seemed very confused as to why we were not driving, and he made this confusion very clear to me.

Then Shawn showed up and sent me, Holden and the groceries home in his car while he waited for the tow truck. How awesome is he??! Very. So the tow truck came and towed my baby to the repair shop. And there my car sits, my beloved Subaru Forrester - Gump (get it Forrester Gump, har har), waiting for repairs. Thank heavens for insurance (Allstate officially ROCKS) and accident forgiveness and rental car being included. I'm back in business. Not sure how long Gump is going to be at the beauty parlor, but I'm grateful no one was hurt - usually that is a very busy intersection and fortunately no one was behind me or in front of me when it happened. I'm grateful for car insurance (I heart Allstate - did I mention that?). And my sweet husband who has worked from home for two days now until I got the rental car thing sorted out. It could have been a lot worse. So while I'm greatly annoyed at the slippery white stuff, it was a non-incident type of incident. Thankfully. And I miss my Gump.

Gump, in happier days


jimbroome said...

Thank goodness you all were not hurt. Love ya'll

Tales from the Crib said...

Yep, we're verrry lucky..I realize it more as time distances me from this a couple of days. Could have been so much worse. Cars are fixable/replaceable, people are not. It is my prayer, every night when I check on my babes before I go to bed "Grow old, grow old..."

Ali said...

so glad everyone's ok!