Wednesday, March 03, 2010


It is no secret that this house was filthy when we bought it. Truly. I tell people this as soon as they visit our house for the first time. Lest some funk from the previous owner show up in a dark corner that I missed cleaning. But we saw amazing potential. And we fell in love with it the first time we saw it. We just had to look past the filth... and hire a cleaning crew. We did both.

We've made a lot of updates over the past year. Some big. Some small. Here is a quick view of our laundry room update. Again, nothing major. Just a little bit of blue paint leftover from our bathroom revamp and a peg board leftover from the head board I made for our bedroom. Easy peasy. I love it. Now if only the clothes could fold themselves...

I'm showing the "afters" first - 'cause it was really that bad...

New washer and dryer, a few stenciled "bubbles," quickly revamped window treatment from a stained tablecloth, and a homemade laundry sign. This update cost us nothing...well, except for the new washer and dryer part...

Peg-board make-over: The boys can't reach the hanging bar (seen here) so I brought the hanging to their level. Painted a peg board we had left over from a previous project ( our headboard), bought some inexpensive hooks ($3), secured it to the wall at "kid-level", and now they can hang up their own coats, bags, etc. I love it.

Sign that I made - no cost: leftover MDF, paint, stencils & ribbon. All items I already had on hand. easy.

Um, yeah, these are the before's - as in before we moved. Before we put in an offer. I can't imagine showing a house in this condition. But they did. And we bought it. Go figure.
Before - yes, this is what it looked like for a showing.

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