Monday, March 15, 2010


Me & Debbie, Christmas 1974

My big sister is here. I like saying that 'cause it makes me feel younger. I am, by three years. We are missing the third in our sisterdom (love you Kimi), as well as Debbie's first of her three daughters in sisterdom (Allison is in NYC right now with her theater group), and our fair Mama as well who had obligations back home and couldn't make it (but we'll see her in a few more weeks!). But we are having a great time. Deb's youngest and my oldest are just a few months apart in age. That is so cool. Well, now it is cool. It wasn't cool when they were toddlers and fought about everything. But it is cool now that they love to play together and are having a "slumber party" in Jackson's room as I type this. They are both so worn out from today's activities that we didn't even have to tell them once to "pipe down and go to sleep!" They conked out in seconds. And speaking of conked out -- Holden fell asleep on the couch around 6:30 this evening. We plum wore him out!! And sweet Micaela is sweet Micaela, and I have a forever-bond with her 'cause she's a middle child of three girls just like me. We middles have to stick together (right Mama?!)!

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jimbroome said...

I wish I were there! I love you all.