Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Retro: First Date Angst

It was our 3rd Anniversary. How could we not celebrate the day we were wed? So with trepidation, and a bit of new-parent angst, we called our dear friend Heidi and asked if she would watch you for a couple of hours so we could slip out for dinner. Gladly she agreed to some smoosh time – Heidi always loved a good baby smoosh (and now she's cooking a 2nd baby of her own to smoosh)!

Mommy bought a special new dress, and spent lots of extra time playing with you that day. Daddy came home from work early to get into his fancy duds and get you prepared for your first babysitter. We wrote out complex instructions and fussed and fawned over you. Then, we readied ourselves for a picture to commemorate the event.

However would you react to being left with someone new for the first time?

Your face says it all.

And as a side note, this "baby" is nearing 6. He came home sick from school today. I'm sad for him. I hope he feels better soon. xoxox

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