Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fools is April 1st

My mom called me today to see when I was going in for my boob job. She apparently didn't scroll down to see that yesterday's post was a JOKE! I repeat, I am not getting a boob job. I have about a 1000 other things I would spend that kind of cash on before I went under the knife on purpose (though a little perk wouldn't hurt)! So let's resume life as normal, with the knowledge that the only augmenting I'm getting is from eating this slice of leftover pizza from last night that is likely to go straight to my hips.

On that note, I will add that I did sew together all of Shawn's underwear and watched as he pulled out a long strand of undies from his top drawer yesterday morning. He was beyond perplexed. Then I started giggling and the gig was up. But it was pretty darn funny stuff. I'm a middle child through and through, so I do not take jokes well. But I planted a few funny ones yesterday that made for a mightily funny day. Including sending a picture of my "bloodied" finger to my sisters and my good girlfriends, telling them I'd sliced my finger off. No one fell for that one. But apparently mom does think I'll be needing her assistance after my breast augmentation next month.

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