Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Re-Cap

We had a very mellow, chilled out Easter at our house. The day before Easter I had a big (and totally fun!) photo session for 10 gorgeous kiddos aging in range from 16 months to 15 years. It was an exhausting day, and didn't leave much room for Easter planning. But of course the Easter Bunny still came and delivered a plethora of marshmallow-filled-Easter-eggs. I made a turkey with a few of the trimmings. I didn't manage to get to the grocery prior to our meal so we ate from what we had on hand - turkey, stuffing, gravy, fruit salad and rolls. It was simple but tasty. The boys enjoyed re-hiding all the eggs, pretending to be the Easter bunny. Then we went on a family walk at the same park I had my photo shoot at. Festival Park is such a beautiful park here in Castle Rock. It has lovely walking paths and a creek running through it. The boys stomped around in the water in their boots. And of course the day ended, naturally, with someone (Holden) falling into the water. But it was a lovely day, and we ended it by watching a little bit of E.T. - courtesy of the Easter Bunny. 'Cause nothing says "spring renewal" like aliens.

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