Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jackson's First Art Show

Last night was Jackson's art show. I cried. Yeah, I did. We are so, so, so proud of him. But not just because he was chosen to participate (though we are proud of that - he was the only Kindergartner from his school chosen), but we are proud because he put his heart into something -- quite literally actually -- and made something beautiful from it. We're proud because art is not his favorite subject at school, but he still gives it 100%. We are proud because he had no thought of being accepted into an art show when he created the piece below. He just did it because it came from his heart -- the color, the composition, the feeling. And I cried because he was so proud of what he did. He beamed. We love you Jackson, with all our hearts.

Jackson and his masterpiece
Jackson's teacher gave each of her students a rose and a certificate of achievement.
Jackson and his art teacher Ms. Pam
Raising the roof for art!

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