Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Artiste!

We received a call this morning from Jackson's art teacher (she is a-mazing!) letting us know that one of his pieces was selected to be displayed at the Douglas County School District Annual Student Art Show! Very few pieces were chosen from each school, and his was one of the ones that was selected for display! Can I tell you how freaking PROUD I am of him???!! I am. And slightly in awe, too. While I think he's a very creative young man, doing arts and crafts isn't his favorite thing to do. But I know he likes Ms. Pam's class, and he's come home with some really beautiful pieces over the past year. We are thrilled for this special honor, and can't wait to celebrate with him at the reception later this week.

Good job sweet boy. We are SO proud of you. We always are. And we always will be.

ps - I haven't seen the pieces that was selected, but will put up pictures from Tuesday's gallery reception. I'm told by Ms. Pam that it is a beautiful heart with amazing color and composition. Wow!

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