Thursday, April 29, 2010


5 am came far too early... especially since one little snuggle bunny found his way into our room in the middle of the night. He (Holden) was wide awake when we left, and none-to-happy to see us go. But we were on the road by 6am. Through security by 7:45am. In the air with java in hand by 8:31am.

The flight went uneventfully. The winds made me nauseous and Shawn stressed, but we survived. It was a very smooth experience overall - no delays and smooth sailing. And we were checked into The Belvedere Hotel by 3pm. Wow! The hotel is lovely and quaint, a boutique hotel not far from Times Square, Broadway, and a bit of a walk to 5th avenue and central park. We enjoyed a long walk checking out the sites. Then an amazing Japanese meal at Sushi of Gari not far from our hotel. We both agree it was one of the best Japanese meals we've ever had -- Udon and Tempura for me, a sashimi assortment and rice with seaweed and salmon roe for Shawn. And two yummy Japanese beers for each of us. Perfection.

We topped off the evening with a long walk throughout the city, taking in Rockefeller Center, A bit of Central Park, and the bight lights of the posh 5th avenue shops, as well as a stop for cupcakes from THE Magnolia Bakery - red velvet for me, carrot cake for Shawn. As with most things, this trip will be all about food for us. And the cupcakes, like the Japanese food, did NOT disappoint. Delish!

I took a few pictures that I'll upload later, probably after our return. As it stands we are loving being in the big city, and enjoying all the sights and sounds and views. We both agree we have missed living in the city, though we'll stick with our small town for now with our two sweet boys. But we're looking forward to the next few days of all adult time and meals that don't involve chicken nuggets or mac-n-cheese. Unless of course, its lobster mac-n-cheese served aside a nice glass of cabernet!

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jimbroome said...

I hope ya'll are having a GREAT trip. HAVE FUN!