Friday, April 09, 2010

Refreshing it is 5:00 on a Friday evening. Jackson is outside riding his bike (no training wheels thank you very much) and I'm actually out here watching him while I type away on my fancy new laptop. Such freedom! I even just cracked a Woodchuck Cider 'cause it is 5:00, and I'm expecting Shawn home any minute now. I {heart} Fridays big time. It just promises so much in the whisper of those two awesome little days called: The Weekend.

There are taters roasting in the oven, fresh asparagus ready to join them soon. And Shawn's picking up our new grilling obsession - organic steaks. They are a-mazing. For reals. We have a fun little weekend planned. Food. Family. Friends. Perfection.

So happy start of the weekend to you. Hope you've got good food and good friends on your planner for the weekend, too.

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