Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage Me

I love most things vintage - clothes, furniture, cars, jewelry, home chotchkies, etc. As a child I started collecting vintage hats and the obsession kept on all the way through high school. I was even nerdy enough to wear a few of my hats on social occasions. Yeah, that was cool.

The furniture pieces that I treasure most in our home are vintage -- the old slipper chair that we found in my Granny's storage shed 18 years ago that I made my mother save for me; the beautiful hutch and Tiffany-style lamp that were Aunt Janis's and given to us after she passed away last year; the copper jello mold hanging up in my kitchen that was my Granny's. That kind of stuff. I don't have a huge collection, but the things we do have I treasure.

Creating vintage style portraits is a newer-ish (that is a word, I just made it up) passion of mine. I love the look of them, and making something "new" look older and time-worn. I like throwing in a vintage style portrait with my clients' collections. There they are looking through their vibrant color shots, and subtle black and whites, and then there is an image that doesn't really have a time and place. It could be taken anywhere, anytime, recent or in the far past. A little treasure from the past.


mindyrn said...

I've seen you in a vintage hat :)

Tales from the Crib said...

Why yes you have!!

Remember my graduation tea when everyone was required to wear a hat? I should dig out some of those fun pictures...