Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anything is possible...

This morning Jackson was recognized twice at his school's "All School Meeting." They announced his birthday and he very excitedly stood up to applause. Then they introduced all the art show artists from last month, and he somehow became extremely embarrassed and tucked his head into Daddy's arm and hid. No worries little guy, that's a big step to go to the front and stand up in front of the entire school. You'll be up there next time, I just know it! Shawn and I were super proud of him, even if he was hiding under Daddy's arm when the artists were all applauded.

Following these and a few other announcements the third graders put on a mini-version of "Seussical the Musical" (it was darling!), and one of the songs they sang included the lyrics "Anything is possible!" to which Jackson turned to his Daddy and me and said "well, not anything." So literal my little man.

But you know what buddy, in this case, you are wrong -- anything is possible! I see that in you every single day.


Joey Veltkamp said...

hip hip hooray! so awesome. and yes, anything is possible. :)

jimbroome said...

Way to go, Jackson