Sunday, May 09, 2010

Celebrating Mom...and NYC Pics

First and foremost - Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome mamas I know out there, especially my own Mama who was here for two weeks to help with the boys while we were gone and to help with Jackson's 6th birthday yesterday, which we had to move to our house last minute due to cool weather and wind. Whew! I think that was a run on sentence... Anyway, I'm a blessed Mama and a blessed daughter!

And on to some NYC pics... with apologies, none of these pictures are in any particular order. I'm growing weary of uploading on blogger. But can't make the move to another blog host. So I'll just upload quickly and forgo a lot of the formatting.

Times Square

Pretties in Central Park

Breakfast on day 2, near Central Park
My Sweets in Times Square
Radio City Music Hall
China Town
Battery Park - this statue was in the lobby of the World Trade Center for several decades. It was damaged when the towers fell. Ironically the artist who created it meant it as a symbol of peace...
Us, overlooking the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty
More of Central Parks' loveliness
St. Paul's Cathedral (I think??)
Times Square on the night of the bomb scare. We snapped this as we were leaving dinner, heading to take the train to visit Ruth's bar in Brooklyn. We had no idea, a this time, that there had even been any kind of scare or that several blocks were evacuated.
Fiddle head ferns in Central Park
St. Paul's Cathedral near Ground Zero. You can see the edges of the "Trinity Root" structure, which was cast in bronze from the tree that protected the tiny church from debris when the towers fell. I wish I'd gotten a better picture of the full sculpture.

Me and Adam, my best friend from college
Shawn and I at Adam's apartment in Manhattan -- after several cucumber margaritas and ahhh-mazing muscles in white wine!! mmmm...


Kimi said...

Love the pics! Where are those sassy boots?

Tales from the Crib said...

I wore them the ONE night I don't have any pictures!! It was my sassiest night out and I didn't get a pic. I planned to wear them to the theater as well, but after the whole food poisoning I could barely rally to get to the theater in Crocs much less sassy tall boots. Ugh. But I do love those boots!!