Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mile High Photographer

Last night I made a bold move to attend my first Mile High Photographer's work shop in downtown Denver.  Just getting me down town on a "school night" is a challenge.  I never go into Denver.  Ever.  But there I was, TomTom guiding me, ready to meet and greet with a bunch of like minded souls.  While I do think of myself as fairly extroverted, meeting a large group of professional photographers made me a wee bit butterfly-ee.  I channeled my inner-Robb-Pike (if you know my friend Robb you know what I'm talking about, if you don't, let me just say he's the guy at every party who makes all the guests feel at ease, introduces himself to every person, and is who I try to emulate when I'm thrust into a social situation where I don't know anyone) and forced myself to introduce myself to everyone I came in contact with, to try not to be too terribly shy, and to hold myself up as a professional rather than just a "mom with a camera."  It was a good exercise for me.  It pushed me out of my small town shell - something I haven't ventured out of really in 5 years.

The topic of discussion was "building a successful portraiture business," and while I didn't feel the discussion really delved deep enough into this topic, it did serve as a good pep talk, reminding me that my journey to photography is my own individual experience, and just as important and pertinent as any other photographer's journey.  I am not just a "mom with a camera."  I have a passion for photography that was there all along, I just had to find a way to bring it out.  My love for capturing moments is genuine.  I do feel I have an "creativity" for this path I've taken. It started years and years ago when I was staging my doll house furniture, putting on plays for the neighborhood kiddos, and relishing my babysitting jobs because I got to spend time with little ones.  It further grew as I was an adult - traveling throughout Europe, experiencing a cross country relocation all by myself, planning my wedding to my Prince Charming, setting up my first home, and yes, finally, capturing my babies on film.

So yes, 2 years ago I told Shawn I wanted a "really good camera."  I got that camera.  And so much more.  Now my next move is to grow that passion that I discovered laying (or is that lying?) dormant, and grow it into the career I envision for myself.  Because I am not just a mom with a camera. I am an artist with a story to tell.

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