Monday, May 10, 2010

Six IS a big deal

This past weekend was Jackson's 6th birthday party. With miserable cold winds whipping around us at Saturday morning's soccer game, I opted to move the party from the park to our house last minute. THAT was a crazy couple of hours. Mom and I (thank you Mama!!) went into frenzied mode cleaning the house and getting together snacks, while Shawn went to borrow a bouncy house from his (amazingly awesome and wonderful) pal Corky. We some how managed to pull it together for 15 or so kiddos under the age of 7! And most of all, Jackson had a blast and so did his buddies. I really do love throwing birthday parties for my boys. I don't like last minute venue changes, but I'm so all about giving them a fun party to celebrate another year!
A little pre-party bouncing -- yep, that thing fit in our basement!

It ain't a party without favors: mini flashlights, woot!
...and the spread...
ahhh yeah, this is where it's at! Cupcakes baby!
The party guests, heading down to bounce! bounce! bounce!

The birthday boy...I love him!
Crazy jumping fun!
If you will, please note my youngest babe crying his eyes out amidst all the gleefulness. The kid gets a little claustrophobic in crowds...
present time! My son has some really awesome friends. And I don't mean because they brought presents... they were all so genuinely excited to see what he got. They are all such great buddies.
Wow, do you see that look of pure excitement on his face to be getting his picture taken with his parents?? Obviously he's thinking "wow, thanks Mom and Dad for such a kick-butt party with all my cool friends! You two are by far THE coolest parents ever!!" Or something like that.

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