Sunday, June 20, 2010


I tear up when I talk about what an amazing father this guy is.  Every time.  'Cause he is.  Amazing.  Life isn't always easy.  Jobs aren't always 1000% fulfilling.  Days are long, hard and exhausting.  Commuting can just plain suck.  But this guy comes home every day from work, gives us hugs and kisses and plops down to hang out with his boys.  He plays with them, and laughs and giggles, and tosses them in the air, and tickles them mercilessly, and fills milk cups and extra servings of mac-n-cheese, and reads stories, and disciplines, and gives more kisses, and tucks them into bed, and kisses them good night.  He's 1000% present when he's at home.  He's the best Daddy I know, hands down.  Parenting is the hardest job in the world - don't argue with me that point 'cause you won't win, it is.  But this guy is the very best there is.  He deserves a promotion - President of Daddies, or something like that.  And I knew from day one what a good Daddy he would be, but  the GREAT Daddy he is has knocked me off my feet.

I love you honey.  And so do our boys.  Enjoy your long bike ride this morning.  Enjoy the quiet and solitude and sweat.  You deserve it.  We'll be here waiting for you when you get home. 

this morning

also this morning 
{and as an aside, an example of flash (above) and natural light (below) photography.  
See the difference?}

breakfast this morning - bagels and lox, his fave.

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