Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I was home with a croupy boy today who only has 2 more days of school left.  We're both so bummed he's sick, but he was a real trooper.  Jackson has been susceptible to croup since we moved to Colorado 5 years ago.  I guess the high elevation and his overall genetic make-up (Shawn was a croupy kid, too) make him more prone to it than your average kid.  Which is why we own a nebulizer and a hearty stash of pulmicort and abuterol.  Poor guy.  I keep thinking he's going to outgrow it but so far it continues to lurk.  But he was a trooper,  and even took him medicine well for the NP (which is saying a lot, believe you me!)!  Here's hoping he's better tomorrow.

In the mean time, you'll find us watching "Astro Boy" for the fourth time.  We'll be eating Neapolitan ice-cream.  Doing breathing treatments.  Watering our tomato and pepper plants.  Reading books for the summer library reading program.  And hoping Jackson can make it to his very last day of Kindergarten on Friday.


Pikette said...

Oh Amy, so sorry he is out of sick with croup.....AGAIN! Owen is getting over the croup right now too! Will it be weird if our boys are still getting the croup at 16? What is with these two boys!:) I miss you and can't wait for our antiquing adventure.

Tales from the Crib said...

ugh! sorry to hear that Lis! I hope Owen feels better soon, too...and hope it doesn't mess up your camping plans! YES, we have to sort out our antiquing day asap! xox