Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nine, Part Deux

Nine years ago today there were hydrangeas, and best friends, and amazing family, and cake, and a whole lotta wine, and dancing, and rings, and a whole lotta babies ('cause for some reason like all of my friends had a baby that year), and laughter, and toasts, and tears (happy tears), and a whole lotta love, and kissing, and some really badly done professional make-up that was quickly washed off and reapplied as soon as I got home, and fabulous hair, and a handsome groom, and a not too shabby bride if I do say so myself, and great music, and a touch of rain, and dahlias, and good food that the groom didn't get to eat, and a last dance to Sade, and us in my Tercel driving ourselves home from our own wedding 'cause we didn't set aside budget for a fancy hired car to take us to a fancy hotel but that was ok because home was where we wanted to be and we ate cake in our wedding finery in our own little living room and besides we left the next day for a week at Lake Tahoe that was a gift to us (and what an awesome gift), and at the end of it all there was us, The Stephens', married.  And that's exactly where we wanted to be, too.

Happy Anniversary my love.  

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