Sunday, July 25, 2010


When my sweet mother in law offered Shawn and I a night at the Broadmoor Hotel as a 9th anniversary gift - complete with her watching the boys - we didn't hesitate to say heck ya!  We've known about the trip for about a month now and we've been giddy with anticipation.  The beautiful hotel did NOT disappoint!  It is stunning.  Our room was darling, complete with our own little private patio and chilled champagne!  We had a light lunch and adult beverages by the picture-perfect pool.  We soaked in the secluded hot tub at the spa, whilst sipping crisp chardonnay.  We tried out 3 different restaurants for noshies and cocktails, and were served a dessert that had "happy anniversary!" written in white chocolate on the plate at two different restaurants!  We sipped champagne on our patio and went for long walks by the lake.  Everything was picture perfect and decadent.

Oh yeah, and we actually talked.  Long conversations.  No interruptions!  And we held hands like we were teenagers. And we just enjoyed being in each other's company again.  We forget that, sometimes, in our every day crazy lives.  That was the best reward of the entire day.

The clock was striking noon as I walked briskly to meet Nana for the drop off of the boys. I felt like cinderella by the end of the 12th ring.  But we happily embraced  the boys, giving them each a miniature chocolate cowboy boot from this morning's buffet.  Nana told us that the boys behaved perfectly (I think there might have been a child swap before she took over), and that everyone slept and ate and played great!  And of course arguing and whining began between the boys as soon as the car was loaded with all their goodies from Nana's house.  But it wouldn't be reality without that, now would it??

Happy (almost) 9th Anniversary my love.  It was wonderful to tune into each other for 24 hours straight, no interruptions.  I love you as my husband, my best friend,  and as the Daddy to our (usually!) sweet boys.  xoxoxo

sitting on our patio - love self timers!
champagne on the patio 
a deer jumping the hedgeBroadmoor Swanbrunch viewview from our patio
my husband's mad photog skillsoverlooking the pool view from the topNorad behind ushappy slumberers!

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