Thursday, August 05, 2010

Grade One

Tomorrow, my sweetie, you start the first grade.  In my head and heart you are still my wee little baby, with tiny feet and constant night waking and a bald head.  Even though now you wear a  size one boy's shoe, and sleep through the night every single night, and get your hair buzzed every month or so to keep it really short, just the way you like it.  So many things about you are changing.  It is constant change.  You are big and strong and smart and funny and goofy and sensitive and serious and full of life.  You love riding your bike, your scooter, and your skates.  You love playing with the neighborhood kids, and your playgroup pals, and just about any other kid you happen to come in contact with.  You love Legos, of all shapes and sizes.  You build monstrous space ships and and bombs and all things boy like. I  don't play Legos right, you tell me.  It's probably true.  You are a voracious reader.  The other day I sent you to your room for doing something I guess I considered naughty at the time (though in retrospect I can't remember what it was).  And when your 6 minutes were up I told you that you could come down.  You yelled down to me "no thanks, I'm reading!"  I crept up the stairs and peered into your room.  You sat silently on the floor pouring over books and continued that way for another half an hour.  It was a pure "you" moment, and I treasure that image.  It is what I want for you.  I want you to love books the way I do.  And you do.  And I want you to love writing like I do.  And you do.  I'll count those two things as "our things" that we love in common.  Because I don't play Legos right - Daddy does, apparently.  But the reading and the writing are all ours.

So with a bit of trepidation I'll send you off for another year of school.  Our summer went so fast.  I can't wait to see what the year holds for you.  A more intense schedule for school.  A lot to learn.  Math and science and of course, more reading and writing, too.  But also more expeditions and camping with your class and rock climbing and fun school events.  And for you, more independence.  More of me letting you go just a wee bit more.  I'll wait anxiously for the 4pm pick up.  So you can fill me in on your day, and all that you experienced.

Have a fantastic year big guy.  I love you, to the moon and back, always and forever.

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