Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So tired

Sorry.  Haven't had much time for the old blog lately.  It is sort of the old saying: when it rains, it pours!  It has just been extremely busy around  here.  School starts this Friday for Jackson.  Can't really believe it is already time for school to start.  So we're trying to get ready for that, fit in a few last play-dates, trips to the pool, reading lazily in the afternoons, watching movies from the library, playing legos, and a LOT of bike riding.  Busy.  Then there's photo sessions to edit (love!), and emails to answer and marketing to be done for my work.  (Have you seen crib tales photography's new website? it ROCKS!)  I also have a house to maintain.  Bills to pay.  Beds to make.  Toys to wrangle.  Meals to make.  Grocery shopping is the biggest pain my tush right now, I swear.  I know, I know, to the average person (re: non-mom) this all sounds incredibly dull and boring, but its my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I've got the best of both worlds going on, and more so, I'm fortunate beyond fortunate to be able to be a full time mama to these sweet boys, AND chase my passion at the same time.  You know who I owe that all to, dontcha?  Yeah, the hubster.  He pretty much rocks, too.  (oh, and that new fancy website for crib tales photography? yeah, he did that.)

Anywhoodle.  The picture above was taken at a recent family reunion I shot last weekend.  The family are dear friends of ours so they told me to bring my family along, too.  So I did.  And I even managed to sneak in a photo with my littlest babe (who thankfully has another month before preschool starts 'cause I don't think my emotions can handle first grade and preschool in the same week!)!  Ain't he cute!?

It may be another week (or more, or less) before I write again.  So, uh, yeah, peace out.

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