Friday, September 10, 2010

That's Hawt

This is the weekend my hubs was supposed to ride his first century ride in Boulder.  He's been training for several months now, riding for hours and hours around the state of Colorado.  And all that riding has made my man look gooooood!  He's hawt!  Our plan was to head to Boulder Saturday and spend the night there with the kids, playing around and having an adventure.  Then Shawn would wake up early Sunday to ride and sweat and possibly even puke (century...100 miles people!), and the boys and I would roam around Boulder playing and having fun and eating yummy food.  Then we would cheer him as he crossed the finish line and raise him onto our shoulders and chant "Dad is awesome! We love Dad!" Or something like that.  That' show I envisioned it.  But you see, there are these wee little fires going on in Boulder right now.  Awful, really.  People's homes are going up in flames.  There have been deaths.  It is not a good thing.  And the air is rather smokey and rancid.  And roads have been blocked and re-routed.  So the Boulder century ride was cancelled for this year.  Hours and hours of my hubs training for not.  Well, not really for not.  He looks goooood! And he has, I hope, enjoyed the long weekend and early morning rides in the beautiful Colorado sunshine.  And I hope he'll try again next year. No matter what I'm crazy proud of him.

And of course I send all my good thoughts to the families and homes and communities displaced by the fires. And a huge thank you to the firefighters from around Colorado who are fighting the blazes.  Be safe.

Oh yeah, and my husband is still way hawt.

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